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 General Record Breakers

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PostSubject: General Record Breakers   Fri 12 Dec 2014, 11:47 am

01 Most populous City in the world Shanghai
02 Longest Railway Platform Kharagpur(India),2733 ft.
03 Longest Railroad Tunnel Seikan (Japan),33.5 miles
04 Longest Suspension Bridge Verrazano-Narrows, 13700 ft.long,USA
05 Longest Dam Hirakund(India),15.8 miles
06 Highest Dam Rogusky (U.S.S.R.),1066 ft.
07 Largest Dam Kariba (Rhodesia),149000000 acre ft.in volume
08 Longest Road Highway Tunnel St.Goldhard(Switzerland),10.01 miles
09 Longest Seaway St.Lawrence seaway(U.S.A.-Canada),189 miles
10 Largest Passenger Ship Queen Elizabeth II (83000 tonnes)(U.K.)
11 Largest Merchant Ship Pierre Guillaumat (france),555031 DWT Tonnage
12 Largest Diamond Mine At Kimberly,South Africa
13 Largest Diamond Cullinan(Over 1 1/2 lbs.)
14 Tallest Statue Motherland, an enormous female figure (U.S.S.R.)
15 Largest Temple Angkor-Vat (Cambodia), 1400 yds. by 1400 yds.
16 Largest Church Basilica of St.Peter,Vatican City,611 ft.in length and 18110 sq.yds.in area.
17 Tallest Church Ulm Cathedral (Ger.),529 ft.high
18 Largest Mosque Jumma Masjid (Delhi),Over 10000 sq.ft. in area
19 Largest Indoor Theatre Radio City Music Hall (New York),accommodates 6200 persons.
20 Deepest Boring An oil well of 25340 ft.(Texas, U.S.A.)
21 Largest Palace The Palace at Vatican City,area 13.5 acres
22 Largest University Building Lomonosov University (Moscow), has 32 stories
23 Tallest Tower Tokyo Tower (Japan) 1000 ft.high
24 Biggest Library United states Library of congress,Washington D.C. Containing over 41874900 titles.
25 Largest Reflector Telescope Mt.Semirodriki (U.S.S.R.)
26 Largest Bell Tsar Kolokol at Kremlin (Moscow),weight 193 tons
27 Largest Dome Astrodome in U.S.A.;outside diameter is 216 metres.
28 Largest Pearl Pearl of Allah,weighs 14 lbs.2 oz.
29 Biggest Railway Station Grand Central Terminal(New york),with 47 platforms,48 acres in area.
30 Longest Port New York Harbour (U.S.A.)
31 Longest Corridor Rameshwaram Temple's Corridor (India),400 ft.
32 Biggest Auditorium Municipal Auditorium at Atlantic City (U.S.A.),covers an area of 7 acres.
33 Biggest Stadium Strahov Stadium (Prague),accommodates 240000 spectators.
34 Biggest Hotel Conrad Hilton (Chicago,U.s.A.), has 25 floors.
35 Largest Aquarium John J.Shedd Aquarium,Illinois,(U.S.A.)
36 Biggest Museum American Museum of Natural History has an area of 23 acres.
37 Largest Thoroughfare Broadway (New York)
38 Highest Airfield Ladakh Airfields (Kashmir,India),14230 ft.above sea-level.
39 Biggest Zoo Etosha Reserve(S.W.Africa),38500 sq.miles
40 Largest Park Yellowstone National Park (USA)
41 Longest Railway Line Trans-siberian Railway (USSR) connecting Moscow to Vladivostok
42 Largest Office building Pentagon (Arlington,U.S.A.),over 34 acres of floor area.
43 Tallest Building Sears Tower(Chicago), 442 m.
44 Highest Suspension Bridge Over royal Gorge (Colorado,U.S.A.),1053 ft.high
45 Longest Cantilever Bridge Quebec (Over St.Lawrence River,Canada),3239 ft.in length.
46 Longest Railway Bridge Lower Zambesi (Mozambique,Africa),12054 ft.
47 Largest Hydro-electric Plant Krasnoyarsk (USSR),6096 M.W. capacity
48 Highest Straight Gravity Dam Bhakra Dam(India), 740 ft.
49 Largest Sculptures Mount Rushmore National Memorial(Black Hills,S.Dakota,U.S.A.)
50 Highest Lighthouse Bishop Rock (England), 146 ft.high
51 Longest Viaduct Lake Panchhartrain Causeway (Louisiana,U.S.A.), with a total length of 24 miles
52 Longest Wall Great Wall of China(1400 miles)
53 Longest recognised swimming course English Channel (23 miles,calais to Dover)
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General Record Breakers
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