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 Indian Mythology Part4

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PostSubject: Indian Mythology Part4   Fri 12 Dec 2014, 12:11 pm

451 Amba, one of the daughters of the king of Kashi vowed to take revenge on Bhishma because she blamed him for her sorry plight. After receiving a boon from Shiva, she was reborn and in that birth was instrumental in killing Bhishma. Who was she reborn as? Shikhandi.
452 What were the names of Harishchandra's wife and son? Chandramati (sometimes referred to as Taramati) and Lohitashva (Rohitashva)
453 Over which kingdom did Harishchandra rule? Ayodhya.
454 Who built the palace for Yama? Vishwakarma.
455 How was Jarasandha related to Kamsa? He was the father-in-law of Kamsa.
456 Who told Janamejaya that Parikshit had been bitten by Takshaka? Sage Uttanka.
457 How was Shishupala related to Krishna? They were cousins. Shishupala's mother, Shrutasrava was the sister of Krishna's father.
458 To whom did Shiva present the Pashupatastra? Arjuna.
459 After Sugriva was driven away from Kishkindha by Vali where did he set up his kingdom? Rishyamooka.
460 What was the name of Drona's wife? Kripi.
461 Why is Krishna also called Keshava? Because he killed the asura Keshi.
462 Before the battle of Kurukshetra Krishna promised his help to both the Kauravas and the Pandavas. How did he manage to keep his promise? To the Kauravas he promised the help of his entire army. To the Pandavas, his personal help (without his taking up any weapons).
463 Who killed the asura Pralamba? Balarama.
464 Where did Kunti stay when the Pandavas went into exile for 12 years? WithVidura.
465 Who did Kama approach to learn the science of archery? Parashurama.
466 There were two occasions when Parashurama met Krishna. One was when Krishna and Balarama went to Mount Gomanta. When was the other? The second instance was when Krishna was on his way to the court of the Kauravas as the messenger of the Pandavas.
467 She was a demoness who dreamt about the destruction of Lanka by a monkey. Who was she? Trijata.
468 Who was the guru of both Krishna and Balarama? Sandipani.
469 Whose sons were Kumbha and Nikumbha? Kumbhakarna.
470 Sanjaya was the person who narrated the course of the battle of Kurukshetra to Dhritharashtra. He was able to do so because he received a boon by which he could see the battle. When did this divine sight end? After the death of Duryodhana.
471 What did Vishwamitra seek from Dasharatha? He wanted Rama and Lakshmana to accompany him and help him to perform Yajnas peacefully.
472 The battle of Kurukshetra entailed tremendous destruction. Who was entrusted with the duty of reconstruction by Yudhishthira? Sanjaya.
473 Vajranabha is a weapon used by Vishnu. It is however better known by another name. What is that name? Sudarshana-Chakra.
474 How did Krishna help Arjuna in killing Jayadratha? On hearing that Jayadratha was responsible for Abhimanyu's death Arjuna had vowed to kill him before sunset the next day. During the course of the battle Krishna hid the sun. Thinking that the sun had set, Jayadratha came out and moved freely. When Krishna released the sun, the sun shone again and Jayadratha was killed by Arjuna.
475 Who is the consort of Madana, the god of love? Rati.
476 What was the name of the kingdom ruled by Dasharatha? Kosala. Its capital was Ayodhya.
477 What happened when Rama strung the bow of Shiva at Janaka's palace (at the time of Sita's swayamvara)? The bow broke into two pieces with a thunderous sound.
478 When did Parashurama meet Sri Rama? When Rama and Lakshamana were on their way to Ayodhya after their marriage.
479 What did Parashurama want from Rama? He sought to battle with Rama.
480 What was the task Parashurama set before Rama? He gave Rama the great bow of Vishnu and wanted Rama to draw the bow.
481 Who poisoned the ears of Kaikeyi when the whole city was happy that Rama would soon be crowned king? Manthara.
482 With what argument did Manthara convince Kaikeyi to seek the banishment of Rama? The main point made by her was that Kausalya would become the Queen Modier. Kaikeyi would have to bow to her wishes.
483 When did Dasharatha give the boons to Kaikeyi? In the course of a battle with Asuras, an arrow had hit him and he had fallen wounded. Sensing danger to his life Kaikeyi drove the chariot through the army of Asuras. Hence he granted her boons.
484 Who gave robes made of bark to Rama? Kaikeyi.
485 Where did Rama, Lakshmana and Sita take their first rest after leaving Ayodhya? On the bank of the river Tamasa.
486 What were the names assumed by Nakula and Sahadeva while living in disguise at the palace of Virata? Granthika and Tantripala.
487 What was the real name of Kuchela, Krishna's boyhood friend? Sudama.
488 Who suggested to Rama the place they could live in happiness? What was the name of the place? Sage Bharadwaja suggested to Rama that they could live happily on Mount Chitrakoot.
489 Who first conveyed the news of Dasharatha's death to Rama? Bharata.
490 Why did Bharata place Rama's sandals on the throne? This was done as a symbol of Rama's authority who was away.
491 What was the name of the forest that Rama, Lakshmana and Sita went to from Chitrakoot? Dandaka Forest.
492 What was the name of Parashurama's mother? Renuka.
493 Why did Sage Kapila reduce the sons of Sagara to ashes? They accused him of stealing the horse of the Ashwamedha Yajna.
494 Who was the Commander-in-chief of the armies of Jarasandha? Shishupala.
495 What was the weapon of Indra? Vajra, the thunderbolt.
496 What was the name of Vishwamitra's ashram? Siddhashram.
497 What was the advice given by Maricha to Ravana when he spoke of his plan to carry away Sita? Do not antagonise Rama.
498 Where was Sandipani's ashram? Avanti.
499 With what instrument did Drona take out the ring, which was in the well? With an arrow.
500 Give the name of any one son of Draupadi. Prativindhya, Shrutasoma, Shrutakirti, Shrutasena (or Shrutakarma) and Shatanika.
501 What was the capital of Drupada's kingdom? Kampilya.
502 Among the names of Bhudevi (Bhumidevi) is Kashyapi. Why is she known by this name? Parashurama once gifted the whole earth to Sage Kashyapa. From this comes the name Kashyapi.
503 Who were the three children of Samjna from Surya? Manu, Yama and Yami.
504 When Nachiketa asked for the secret of immortality, what did Yama reply? "When all the desires- cherished by the mind cease, it is here and now that the mortal becomes immortal."
505 What was the name of Ashtavakra's father? Kahodara (also known as Khagodara). The child, Ashtavakra was crooked in eight parts.
506 Which sage narrated the story of Sage Ashtavakra to the Pandavas? Sage Lomasha.
507 Where in modern India is Panchavati? Near Nasik in Maharashtra.
508 When the Gandharva King Chitrasena defeated the Kauravas and captured Duryodhana, what does Bhima do? He feels very happy and dances for joy.
509 How does Yudhishthira rebuke Bhima for expressing happiness, when Duryodhana was captured by Chitrasena? Yudhishthira says, "When we have our differences we are five and the Kauravas are a hundred, but when we are facing an outsider we should be a hundred and five."
510 Who succeeded to the throne of Hastinapura after the death of King Shantanu? Chitrangada.
511 On which day of the battle of Kurukshetra did Kama start fighting for the Kauravas? Eleventh day. He did not want to take up arms so long as Bhishma was the commander of the Kaurava army. Bhishma had insulted Kama as "Sutaputra" (son of a charioteer).
512 Yudhishthira was also called Ajatashatru. What did the name mean? One without any enemy.
513 For which skill was Nala well-known? Nala was a great charioteer.
514 How did Nala win back his Kingdom? Nala played a game of dice with Pushkara and won it back.
515 Which was the kingdom of which Rukmini was the princess? Vidarbha.
516 Who is die god of death according to Indian Mythology? Yama.
517 Who was the mother of Lakshmana? Sumitra.
518 What happened when Kamsa seized the baby from Devaki's hand and dashed her against a stone surface? The Divine infant manifested herself as an eight-armed goddess and said," Kamsa, the one who is destined to kill you still lives."
519 How did Hanuman convince Sita that he was a messenger of Rama? Hanuman gave the ring Rama had given him to show to Sita.
520 Who was the family priest of the Yadavas? Gargacharya.
521 When Vasudeva, holding the baby Krishna in his arms, reached the banks of the river Yamuna, what happened? The river waters parted.
522 Whom did Kamsa send to Gokul to kill all newborn babies? Putana.
523 What is sage Agastya known for? He stamped the Vindhya Mountain down. He is also said to be the writer of Tamil grammar.
524 What was the picture on the flag of Krishna? Garuda.
525 When the Devas and the Asuras churned the ocean of milk what did they want from the ocean? Amrit, the divine nectar.
526 What is Alakananda? A river, which flows through Devaloka (the land of Devas). After descending to earth it is called Ganga.
527 What was the first product that arose when the Ocean of Milk was churned? Halahala, deadly poison. The message that is conveyed here is important. When we start churning our mind in search of truth what comes out of the churning are doubts, despair, etc. It is when we continue the churning that we receive knowledge that gives peace.
528 Why did Amba curse Bhishma? Because he seized her by hand and wanted to carry her away to be wife of the Kuru princes.
529 The Pandavas had decided to construct a palace at Indraprastha. During this discussion who joined in and gave them the description of the courts of Indra, Yama, Varuna, Kubera and Brahma? Narada.
530 For how many years was Rama banished to the forest? Fourteen years.
531 Who was the Guru of the Devas (gods)? Brihaspati.
532 Where did Hanuman find Sita in Lanka? In the Ashoka Vana (forest).
533 What was the musical instrument that was always carried by Narada? Veena.
534 What were the names of the sons of Madri? Nakula and Sahadeva.
535 Why did Hiranyakashipu want to kill his own son? Because Prahlada, his son had become a devotee of his arch enemy, Vishnu.
536 How did Krishna get the name Giridhari? Because he held Mount Govardhan on his little finger. [Giridhara literally means holder (dhara) of a mountain (giri)]
537 When Indra was unable to defeat the asura Vritrasura, he sought the advice of Brahma. Brahma's advice was to approach die son of sage Bhrigu and ask him for a bone from his body. This bone was to be converted into an astra that would kill the asura. Name the sage who donated his bone and thereby discarded his life so that the devas could triumph over the asuras. Sage Dadhichi.
538 Where did Bharata meet Rama after he set out from Ayodhya? At Chitrakoot.
539 Who were the Asuras? They were not much different from Suras (Devas), their cousins. According to one interpretation the word "Asura" is derived from 'Asu', which means 'life' and 'ra', which means 'engrossed in'. Hence those who are engrossed in life were called Asuras.
540 When Sita was presented garments made of bark before leaving for the forest who forbade her from wearing them and why? Vasishtha, because it was only Rama who had been banished.
541 Why is Draupadi also called Panchali? Because she was the daughter of the King of Panchala (not because she had five husbands.)
542 What was the capital of Vidarbha? Kundinapura.
543 What was the name of Jatayu's elder brother? Sampati.
544 Who was the commander of the Kaurava army after the death of Bhishma? Dronacharya.
545 Who is considered to be the architect of the Devas? Maya. Sometimes he is considered only as a carpenter of the Asuras.
546 Where did Rama meet Sugriva? Kishkindha.
547 Where did Krishna teach the Gita to Arjuna? On the battlefield of Kurukshetra.
548 Why is Sita sometimes called Vaidehi? Because she was the daughter of the King of Videha.
549 Who was Dhumraksha, referred to in the Ramayana? A minister of Ravana.
550 Who was anointed as the heir apparent to the kingdom of Kishkindha after the battle of Lanka? Sugriva's son, Angada.
551 Who told Kamsa that Krishna and Balarama were, in reality, the sons of Vasudeva? Narada.
552 How was Dundubhi related to Ravana? He was Ravana's brother-in-law.
553 Who killed Dundubhi? Vali.
554 Who was crowned King of Lanka after Havana's death? Vibhishana.
555 What was the name of the place where Rama meets Guha, the Nishada King? Shringaverapura.
556 How was Hanuman captured by Indrajit? Indrajit, the son of Ravana, used the Brahmastra to bind Hanuman.
557 On his return from Lanka where did Rama meet Bharata? Nandigrama.
558 What was the boon sought by Raktabija from Shiva? If one drop of his blood fell on the battlefield, many Raktabijas would arise from the blood and fight the enemy. It conveys the idea that violence begets more violence.
559 In the Ashoka grove when Ravana produces the head of Rama who assures Sita that it is not a real one? Sarama.
560 According to puranas who is holding the earth on their back? The eight elephants known as Diggajas.
561 How many verses are there in the Ramayana? About 24,000.
562 What was the name of the monkey general who supervised the construction of the bridge to Lanka? Nala.
563 Who drove the chariot in which Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita left for the forest after Rama was banished? Sumantra.
564 Name the people who went to Magadha to subdue Jarasandha? Bhima, Arjuna and Krishna.
565 Where did Urmila live while her husband Lakshmana was keeping company of Rama in the forest? In Ayodhya, in the palace.
566 What was the name of Urmila's father? King Kushadhvaja.
567 When the Yaksha asked Yudhishthira what is the greatest wonder, what did he reply? Day after day countless people die, yet the living wish to live forever.
568 Who were the companions of Shakuntala in Kanva's ashram? Anasuya and Priyamvada.
569 Who killed Sunda and Upasunda? They fought with each other and got killed.
570 How was Shakuni related to Duryodhana? He was Duryodhana's mother's brother, his maternal uncle.
571 What kind of sacrifice was Vishwajit? At a Vishwajit sacrifice one has to give away everything he possesses.
572 How did Nahusha incur the anger of rishis? He made the rishis carry him in a Palanquin. He felt they were slow. -Hence shouting at them he said "Sarpa" (go fast). Hearing this Sage Agastya cursed him "Sarpo Bhava" (be a serpent).
573 Who killed Tarakasura? Karttikeya.
574 What was the pseudonym assumed by Bhima at the palace of Virata? Ballava (sometimes referred to as Vallala)
575 How many horses were yoked to Arjuna's chariot? Four.
576 Who was the founder of the Yadava clan? Yadu, son of Yayati.
577 Which mountain was the abode of Sage Parashurama? Mount Mahendra.
578 Who were the three warriors in the Kaurava army who planned an attack on the sleeping Pandavas? Ashwatthama, Kripacharya and Kritavarma.
579 Who was the consort of Shiva? Parvati, also known as Shakti (strength). Through this concept it is communicated that the one who has strength alone can be Shiva (good).
580 What did Mt Mainaka tell Hanuman when he was en route to Lanka? "Your father once helped me. Rest here for a while."
581 In which disguise did Hanuman meet Rama? In the disguise of a Brahmin.
582 What was the threat Ravana held out to Sita? "If you do not yield within two months my cook will mince your limbs for my morning meals."
583 On whose shoulders did Rama ride during the battle with Kumbhakama? Hanuman.
584 In what disguise did Shiva appear before Parvati while she was performing penance? In the disguise of a hermit.
585 What was the name of the bow of Shiva? Pinaka.
586 What was the name of Ravana's father? Vishrava.
587 What role did Trinavarta play in the life of Krishna? Trinavarta assumed the form of a whirlwind and swooped the baby Krishna off and attempted to kill him.
588 What was the vehicle of Agni? Male Goat.
589 Who occupied Duryodhana's palace after the battle of Kurukshetra? Bhima.
590 What is said to be the vehicle of Yama, God of Death? Buffalo.
591 He was the brother in law of Virata, King of Matsyadesha. He was killed by Bhima because he had molested Draupadi. Who was he? Kichaka.
592 When devas and asuras were churning the ocean of milk a deva arose from it with a Kamandalu in one hand and a danda in the other. Who was he? Dhanwantari, who is said to have taught ayurveda to the world.
593 Who was Yayati's father? Nahusha.
594 Who killed Shikhandi? Ashwatthama.
595 Who was the guru of Banasura? Shukracharya.
596 Who was responsible for the origin of the land mass that we now know as Kerala? Parashurama.
597 In which avatar did Lord Vishnu kill Hiranyakashipu? Narasimha Avatar.
598 Kripacharya and his sister Kripi were abandoned as children. Who took pity on them and brought them up? King Shantanu.
599 Who set fire to the camp of the Pandavas? Kritavarma.
600 Who broke Ganesha's. tusk? Parashurama.
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Indian Mythology Part4
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