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 Indian Mythology Part 2

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PostSubject: Indian Mythology Part 2   Fri 12 Dec 2014, 12:08 pm

151. Who advises Duryodhana (and Dhritarashtra) to give half the kingdom to the Pandavas after their marriage to Draupadi? Bhishma.
152. After whom is our country named Bharat? After Bharata, son of Shakuntala.
153. What was the name of King Raghu's wife? Indumati.
154. Who was the mother of Maricha? Tataka,
155. What was the vehicle of Kama? Parrot.
156. What was the name of King Raghu's father? Dilipa.
157. Who was the wife of King Dilipa? Sudakshina.
158. Who was Sushena, mentioned in the Ramayana? The Royal Physician.
159. On the bank of which river was the ashram of Valmiki? On the bank of River Tamasa.
160. Who gave the day-to-day account of the Battle of Kurukshetra to Dhritarashtra? On the bank of River Tamasa.
161. Who did Duryodhana appoint as Bhishma's bodyguard during the battle of Kurukshetra? Dushshasana.
162. What were the names of the wives of Vichitravirya? Ambika and Ambalika.
163. For how many days did Abhimanyu fight in the Battle of Kurukshetra? Thirteen days.
164. When all his weapons were destroyed, with what did Abhimanyu fight? The wheel of his chariot.
165. When Krishna goes to Hastinapura, with whom does he stay? Vidura.
166. How was Kunti related to Krishna? Aunt (Krishna's father's sister).
167. Where did Krishna reveal his divine form to Arjuna? On the battlefield of Kurukshetra.
168. What was the colour of Arjuna's horses? White.
169. What was the name of Sage Agastya's wife? Lopamudra.
170. What was the name of Rukmini's brother? Rukmi.
171. How does Duryodhana win over Shalya, the maternal uncle of Nakula and Sahadeva, to his side? By establishing rest houses all along the way to Kurukshetra and providing hospitality to Shalya and his retinue. Having accepted Duryodhana' s hospitality Shalya could not refuse his request to fight against the Pandavas.
172. How many chapters are there in the Gita? Eighteen.
173. During the battle with Ravana, Lakshmana, Sugriva and other monkeys fell unconscious because of the Nagastra released by Indrajit. Who did Shri Rama call to revive the unconscious heroes? Garuda.
174. What was the Yajna performed by Yudhishthira, after the Battle of Kurukshetra? Ashwamedha.
175. Bharata's mother was Shakuntala. Who was his father? Dushyanta.
176. Who were Ghatotkacha's parents? Hidimbaa and Bhima.
177. How was Kripacharya related to Ashwatthama? His maternal uncle.
178. Who was Kubera's father? Sage Vishrava.
179. Who was killed by Kama using the weapon, Shakti or Amogha? Ghatotkacha.
180. What was the name of Arjuna's son from Uloopi? Iravan.
181. What was the colour of Bhishma's flag? White.
182. What was the objective of Vishwamitra in performing severe austerities? He wanted to become a Brahmarshi
(Brahma + Rishi).
183. On the bank of which lake was the ashram of Shabari? LakePampa.
184. After Rama lays siege to Lanka, whom does he send as his ambassador? Angada.
185. How many sons did Draupadi have? Five.
186. Krishna had vowed not to take up any weapon during the battle of Kurukshetra. Who made Krishna take up a weapon? Bhishma.
187. Who was the father of Subhadra? Vasudeva.
188. What was the name of Arjuna's conch-shell? Devadatta.
189. Who was the founder of the dynasty of Ayodhya in which Rama was born? Ikshvaku.
190. To which dynasty did Kartaviryarjuna belong? Hehaya.
191. What was the capital of Kartaviryarjuna? Mahishmati.
192. Who was the guru of Dasharatha? Vasishtha.
193. What was the name of Prahlada's father? Hiranyakashipu.
194. How did Ganga get the name Bhagirathi? Because Bhagiratha brought her down from heaven.
195. Who tried to send Trishanku to heaven in his bodily form? Vishwamitra.
196. Who killed Kartaviryarjuna? Parashurama.
197. Who was the guru of Janaka? Shatananda.
198. How did Parvati come to be called Apama? To win over Shiva, Parvati practised great austerities and lived without eating even a leaf. (Parna means leaf and Aparna means without even a leaf.)
199. Who killed the sons of Draupadi after entering the Pandava camp at night on the eighteenth day? Ashwatthama.
200. For how many days was Kama the commander of the Kaurava army? Two Days.
201 Who sends a chariot to Rama during the war with Ravana? Indra.
202 Who accompanies Dasharatha when he visits the Devas to help them in the war against the Asuras? Kaikeyi.
203 Who was the father of Jamadagni? Richika.
204 Who was Parashurama's father? Jamadagni.
205 What did Vamana ask from King Bali? Land equivalent to his three paces. With one pace he measured the earth. With the second pace he measured the heaven and asked Bali where should he place his third pace. Ball asked Vamana to place his foot on his, Ball's, head.
206 What was the name assumed by Nala when he was transformed into an ugly Dwarf? Bahuka.
207 Who was the king of Mahishmati who had defeated Ravana? Kartaviryarjuna. (Also known as Sahasrarjuna)
208 Who was the mother of Yadu? Devayani.
209 What does Shiva do when Ravana tries to lift Kailasa? He presses it down with his toe.
210 On the battlefield when Bhishma fell, how did Arjuna provide him a bed? By shooting a few arrows into the ground.
211 What was the name of Krishna's conch-shell? Panchajanya.
212 When Bhishma wanted to drink water while lying on a bed of arrows during the battle of Kurukshetra, who fulfilled his wish? Arjuna provided the water by shooting an arrow deep into the ground.
213 What job did Bhima do at Virata's palace? Cook.
214 From whom does Ravana seize control of Lanka? From his step-brother, Kubera (also known as Vaishravana).
215 Who inspired Valmiki to sing of Rama? Narada.
216 Who were Pradyumna's parents? Rukmini and Krishna.
217 Why doesn't Rama enter Lanka for the coronation ceremony of Vibhishana? Since Rama had been exiled to the forests, he did not' think it fit to bring a break in the period of exile by entering the capital city.
218 Why did Sage Kanva name the child of Menaka as Shakuntala? Because he saw Shakunta birds (peacocks) gathered around the child.
219 Who tries to prevent Hanuman from entering when he makes the leap to Lanka and reaches the city wall? Lanka Lakshmi also called Lanka Devi. She was the guardian deity of the city,
220 What was the name of the mountain on which Arjuna performed tapas to please Shiva? Indrakeela.
221 Name two generals in the monkey army. Nala, Neela, Jambavan.
222 Who told Bhima how to kill Jarasandha? Krishna.
223 What was the vehicle of Shiva? Nandi, the bull.
224 Who was the mother of Ganesha? Parvati.
225 How does Ganesha get the head of an elephant? Shiva cuts off Ganesha's head. When Parvati sees this, she feels very upset. She insists on bringing him back to life immediately. Shiva replaces Ganesha's lost head with that of an elephant.
226 What happened when Hiranyakashipu kicked the pillar in his palace? Out of the pillar emerged Narasimha - Vishnu in the form of man-lion.
227 Where did Krishna shift his people from Mathura? Dwaraka.
228 Where in modern India is Prabhasa, a place of pilgrimage in ancient days, where the Yadavas fought among themselves? In Saurashtra on the west coast.
229 When the Pandavas handed over the Kingdom to Parikshit, whom did they entrust with the task of guiding the king? Yuyutsu.
230 Why did Krishna want to kill Kaliya? Kaliya had poisoned the water of Yamuna, as a result of which even trees on its banks dried up and many human lives were lost.
231 Jamadagm had something which Sahasrarjuna wanted. What was it? The cow - Kamadhenu.
232 How many brothers did Ravana have? His two brothers were Vibhishana and Kumbhakarna. He had a half brother named Kubera. (Khara and Dushana are also referred to as brothers in some texts.)
233 What was the relationship of Maricha and Ravana? Maricha was the maternal uncle of Ravana.
234 Where did Dushyanta and Shakuntala meet? In the hermitage of Sage Kanva.
235 Where did Luv and Kush narrate the story of Rama (Ramayana)? At the court of Rama.
236 What did an Akshauhini consist of? An Akshauhini consisted of 21,870 chariots, equal number of elephants, 65,160 horses and 1,09,350 soldiers.
237 Who was Aghasura? Aghasura was a huge serpent who was waiting for Krishna to enter his mouth, so that he could swallow him.
238 How did Krishna kill Aghasura? After entering the mouth of Aghasura, Krishna became bigger and bigger, suffocating the wicked Asura. This also helped the cowherds to safely come out of the dead Aghasura's mouth.
239 Who were the twins among the Pandavas? Nakula and Sahadeva.
240 When the Pandavas had gone on a hunting expedition, the barking of one of their hunting dogs was silenced by seven arrows, stuck in its mouth. When Arjuna saw this, he was dumbfounded at the skill of the archer. Identify the archer. Ekalavya. Genealogy of Rama:
The genealogy of Rama is traced to Vishnu, h Ragkuvamsham, Kalidasa gives a great account q, Dilipa - Raghu - Aja - Dasharatha.
241 Who burnt the 60,000 sons of Sagara? SageKapila.
242 When Rama and Lakshmana are injured who ordered Hanuman to bring the herbs needed to revieve them? Sushena.
243 Why did Dushyanta forget Shakuntala? When Sage Durvasa visited Kanva's ashram, Shakuntala was lost in the thoughts of Dushyanta. He cursed her, "May he forget you, in whose memory you are now lost." (It must be noted however that the original version in the Mahabharata does not mention this. This version is found in Abhijnana Shakuntalam by Kalidasa.)
244 How did Savitri trick Yama to bring her husband back to life? She asked for a hundred sons. After granting that boon, Yama had to give back the life of Satyavan.
245 Who was Dyumatsena? He was Satyavan's father.
246 How much portion of the kheer got from Putrakameshti Yajna did Dasharatha give Kausalya? Half the portion.
247 In whose ashram did Rama meet Shabari? Sage Matanga.
248 What was the name of Kamsa's father? Ugrasena.
249 Where did Arjuna meet Subhadra for the first time? InDwaraka.
250 How did Krishna come to be called Ranchod (the one who shunned the battle)? Because he avoided giving battle to Jarasandha and went to Dwaraka from Mathura alongwith his people.
251 After Lakshmana chops off Shurpanakha's nose, to whom does she go? To Khara and Dushana.
252 What was the capital of the Kaurava's kingdom? Hastinapura.
253 What is the modern name for Indraprastha? Delhi.
254 What were the names of Subhadra's brothers? Krishna and Balarama.
255 What caused the outburst of the first shloka uttered by Valmiki? Once while returning from River Tamasa, Valmiki saw a hunter shooting down one of a pair of Krauncha birds. The other bird cried piteously. The intense emotion created by this incident made Valmiki speak in verses. Immediately Brahma appeared and advised Valmiki to write the story of Rama.
256 Where is Kurukshetra? In modern Haryana, about 40 kilometres to the north of Delhi.
257 What are the four yugas, according to Indian Mythology? a) Krita yuga.
b) Treta yuga.
c) Dwapara yuga.
d) Kali yuga.
258 Vasudeva and Devaki were in prison at the time of Krishna's birth. How could Vasudeva get out of prison and take baby Krishna to Gokul? Vasudeva found to his surprise that his fetters and chains had fallen off. The prison doors automatically opened and the guards were all asleep. This enabled him to walk out of the prison and go to Gokul.
259 Rukmini was in love with Krishna. However her brother Rukmi, wanted to give her hand in marriage to another king. Identify this king. Shishupala.
260 Why did Drona want to humiliate Drupada? Because when Drona had sought Drupada's help, he had been humiliated.
261 How did Arjuna kill Kama? When Kama was trying to lift the wheel of his chariot, which had sunk in the mud, Arjuna shot him.
262 Who killed Vritra? Indra.
263 Why did Kamsa want to kill Krishna? There had been a prediction that Devaki's eighth child would kill him. Therefore he wanted to kill the eighth child.
264 Who carried the message of Nala to Damayanti? A swan with golden wings.
265 Why were Luv and Kush required to fight Rama's army? Because they had tied the horse of the Ashwamedha sacrifice.
266 Where did Luv and Kush grow up? In Valmiki's Ashram.
267 Where did Krishna first meet Sudama? In Guru Sandipani's ashram.
268 Why had Sudama gone to Dwaraka? To seek Krishna's help.
269 Why did Rama get angry with Sagara? Because he didn't prepare a way for Rama to reach Lanka.
270 How many Akshauhinis of army did the Kauravas have before the battle of Kurukshetra? Eleven akshauhinis. The Pandavas had seven akshauhinis.
271 Who incited Ravana to fight with Rama? Shurpanakha.
272 Who in the Mahabharata, is also known as Matsyagandha? Satyavati, wife of King Shantanu.
273 What is Bhagavad-Gita? It means the song sung by the Lord. It consists of the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.
274 From whom did Dronacharya learn the use of weapons? From his father, Sage Bharadwaja aod later also from the hermit, Agnivesha.
275 Who gave divine weapons to Dronacharya? Parashurama.
276 Who told the monkey army that he had seen Ravana carrying Sita across the ocean? The vulture, Sampati.
277 Who was the charioteer of Kama, when he became the commander of the Kaurava army? Shalya.
278 How did Hanuman protect himself from the jaws of Surasa? Hanuman began to increase his size, Surasa opened her jaws wider and wider. Suddenly Hanuman reduced himself to the size of a thumb, entered her mouth and came out in a flash.
279 When Vishwamitra was taking Rama and Lakshmana to the court of Janaka they came upon an Ashrama, which contained a stone. What happened when Rama's feet touched the stone? Ahalya came back to life.
280 What was the name of the elephant that blocked the entrance of the wrestling arena when Krishna came near it and tried to kill him? Kuvalayapida.
281 Who was Balarama's wife? Revati. She was the daughter of Revata, king of Kushasthali. It is said in the puranas that Revata went with his daughter to Brahma with a request that he suggest a suitable groom for her. Thousands of years had lapsed between the time Revata left for the abode of Brahma and returned to earth. Men were of far less height. Balarama used his plough to reduce the height of Revati and then married her.
282 Whom did Krishna send to convey the importance of love and devotion in life to the gopis of Vrindavan? Uddhava, a minister and friend of Krishna.
283 What was the name of the demon who came in the guise of an ass to kill Krishna? Dhenukasura.
284 Who had sent Bakasura to Vrindavan to kill Krishna? Kamsa.
285 When the cowherds started worshipping Govardhan instead of him what did Indra do? He sent heavy rains to Gokula intending to submerge it in water.
286 Who conducted the naming ceremony of Krishna? Sage Gargacharya.
287 How did Krishna save his cowherd friends from the raging fire, after he had subdued Kaliya? When Krishna came out of the river Yamuna after suppressing the serpent, Kaliya, it was late and the sun had set. Yadavas spent the night near the river. Suddenly a fire broke out and enveloped them. Krishna swallowed the fire and all was quiet again.
288 For how many days did Krishna uphold Mount Govardhan on his finger? Seven days.
289 How old was Krishna when he held aloft the Govardhan Mountain? Seven years.
290 Who was the mother of Indrajit? Mandodari.
291 Who freed Nanda from the coils of a python? Krishna.
292 Who told the Yadavas that Krishna and Balarama were in reality the children of Vasudeva? Gargacharya.
293 What was the original name of Indraprastha, before the Pandavas began to rule over it? Khandavaprastha.
294 Who killed Mushtika? Balarama.
295 Krishna preferred a particular colour for his robes. Which was it? Yellow. (Pitambara)
296 What form did Keshi, the demon assume to kill Krishna? That of a horse.
297 How did Krishna kill Keshi? He thrust his left arm into the open mouth of the demon. His arm began to swell inside Keshi's mouth. The demon suffocated and died.
298 Which bird's feather was Krishna fond of placing on his head? Peacock.
299 What did Krishna do after killing Kamsa? He requested Ugrasena to take charge of the kingdom.
300 What was the name of the humpback who met Krishna on the main road of Mathura? Trivakra.
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Indian Mythology Part 2
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