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 Indian Mythology Part 3

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PostSubject: Indian Mythology Part 3   Fri 12 Dec 2014, 12:10 pm

301. To whom did the women of Vrindavan offer prayers? Durga
302. How did Krishna get the name Murari? Murari literally means: - Enemy of Mura. Krishna killed Mura, a demon, in a battle.

What was the name of Nanda's wife?

304 Who was the wife of Bharata (of the Raghu dynasty)? Mandavi, Sita's cousin.
305 Who saved Takshaka from Janamejaya's sarpa-satra? SageAstika.
306 Of which kingdom was Jayadratha, the king? Sindhu.
307 In addition to Jarasandha's army, what was the army the Yadavas had to face? Kalayavana's army.
308 Why did Shiva bum Kamadeva? Because he disturbed the serenity of Shiva's mind.
309 What was the name of Jambavati's father? Jambavan.
310 Who killed Satrajit? Shatadhanwa.
311 According to tradition what time was Krishna bom? After midnight, when the star Rohini was on the ascendent, in the month of Shravana, on the day of Ashtami.
312 Who sent Akrura to Hastinapura to enquire about the Pandavas? Krishna.
313 How many times did Jarasandha attack Mathura? Eighteen.
314 Where did Krishna say, "I will be born again and again when there is decline of Dharma"? Kurukshetra.
315 Who was the tutor of Abhimanyu? After his initial training from Arjuna, Abhhnanyu was tutored by Pradyumna.
316 Who carried puva (Pohe i.e. beaten rice) to Krishna? And in return what did Krishna give to him? Sudama. Krishna built a palace for him and filled that palace with wealth and gifts.
317 What was the name of the crane that picked Krishna and swallowed him? Bakasura.
318 What did Krishna do to free himself from the crane? He created unbearable heat and the crane spat him out.
319 What was the name of Savitri's father? Ashwapati.
320 Who was the charioteer of Indra? Matali.
321 What is the main philosophy of Gita? Work for work's sake and not for any gain.
322 What strategy did Krishna suggest to Arjuna to defeat Drona? They made DronaTielieve that his son, Ashwatthama had been killed. This led Drona to lay down his weapons thus enabling Dhrishtadyumna to kill him.
323 What was the musical instrument dear to Krishna? Flute.
324 When did Kamsa free Vasudeva and Devaki? After the birth of their eighth child.
325 Below which tree did Krishna usually play the flute? Kadamba.
326 On which day of the battle of Kurukshetra did Krishna take up Sudarshan Chakra to slay Bhishma? Ninth day.
327 Who was the father of Snakuni? Subala.
328 When Kaliya coiled his body around Krishna, what did Krishna do? Krishna made his body swell.
329 What are the four Vedas? Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda.
330 What constitutes Vedic literature? The four Vedas mentioned above. Each of these four has four divisions: First come the Samhitas, then come Brahmana - a treatise relating to prayer and sacrificial ceremony. Next come the Aranyakas, forest texts meant for the forest-dwelling hermit. They are appendices to the Brahmanas. Fourth is Upanishads - appendices to Aranyakas. Together they constitute Vedic literature.
331 How many sala trees does Rama pierce with one arrow? Seven.
332 How did Kalayavana die? Muchukunda opened his eyes. And when his gaze fell on Kalayavana he turned into ashes.
333 Durvasa goes with his disciples to the place where the Pandavas were living. How does Krishna help Draupadi serve food to so many? Krishna visits the place and says that he is hungry. There is no food in the vessel, but Krishna sees a leaf and eats it. This makes Durvasa and his disciples feel they have eaten a full meal.
334 In which forest did the Pandavas spend most of their days during the exile? In Kamyaka forest.
335 From where did Krishna get the Parijata tree? Devaloka (Indra's palace).
336 Who were the parents of Aniruddha? Pradyumna (son of Krishna) and Rukmavafi.
337 Who was instrumental in kidnapping Aniruddha? Usha, daughter of Banasura.
338 From whom did Krishna get the earrings of Aditi? Narakasura. Krishna killed him in battle and got back the earrings.
339 When Dushshasana was pulling and removing the sari of Draupadi who made her sari endless? Krishna.
340 Both Duryodhana and Arjuna had gone to seek Krishna's help. Whom did Krishna give the first choice? Arjuna, since Krishna had seen him before seeing Duryodhana.
341 Why was Jarasandha angry at Krishna? Because Krishna had killed the husbands of his two daughters.
342 When Sugriva brought Sita's jewellery from the cave what did Lakshmana say? "I do not recognize the bracelet and earring, but I know these anklets for I worshipped her feet alone."
343 How did Jambavan encourage Hanuman to jump across die ocean to Lanka? By narrating Hanuman's acts of strength and bravery in his early life.
344 How was Krishna related to Abhimanyu? Abhimanyu was his nephew (sister's son).
345 Why did Arjuna take the vow that he would kill Jayadratha before sunset the next day? Because Jayadratha had prevented the Pandavas from entering the Chakravyuha (the wheel formation of the army). This enabled the Kauravas to kill Abhimanyu who had breached the Chakravyuha all alone.
346 When did Varuna give the Sudarshana Chakra to Krishna? At Agni's request Varuna gave the Sudarshana Chakra to Krishna to help him in the burning of the Khandava forest. (According to another version Vishwakarma gave the weapon to Vishnu).
347 Name the fabulous city constructed by Vishwakarma on top of the mountain Trikuta? Lanka.
348 When Duryodhana crowns Karna as the king of Anga, what does he say? Kama asks, "What can I do in return for the honour bestowed on me?" Duryodhana replied, "Your staunch friendship."
349 It was once suspected that Krishna was a thief. What was he accused of stealing? Syamantaka gem.
350 Who had given the Syamantaka gem to Satrajit? Surya.
351 When Dhritarashtra met the Pandavas, how did he try to kill Bhima? By holding him close to his chest and crushing him. Krishna, however, had placed a statue of Bhima in front of him.
352 Who killed Prasena, the brother of Satrajit? A lion.
353 To which deity did Rukmini pray? Goddess Parvati.
354 Who kidnapped Pradyumna when he was just ten years old? Shambara.
355 Which was the vehicle used by Krishna when he went with Satyabhama to give battle to Narakasura? Garuda.
356 What is the name of the serpent on which Vishnu rests? Maha Shesha.
357 Who leaves Sita near the ashram of Valmiki? Lakshmana.
358 Who was the mother of Shatrughna? Sumitra.
359 When Yudhishthira goes away to the forest to lead a peaceful life whom does he crown as the King? Parikshit.
360 What food did Shabari offer Rama? Berries.
361 Who was the son of Parikshit? Janamejaya.
362 Why did Janamejaya conduct the Sarpasatra (Yajna to annihilate sarpas/nagas)? A sarpa (serpent) had killed his father, Parikshit. To avenge his death Janamejaya performed the sarpa-satra (Yajna) to bring about total annihilation of the race of nagas (sarpas).
363 What was the name of the place ruled by Sugriva? Kishkindha.
364 Who taught Arjuna singing and dancing? Chitrasena taught dance and music to Arjuna when Arjuna went to Devaloka.
365 Who taught Uttara to dance? Aijuna.
366 Who brought back to life the dead child of Uttara? Krishna.
367 In the game of dice whom did Yudhishthira lose first: Draupadi or himself? Himself.
368 Where did Bhima meet Hanuman? Gandhamadana.
369 What are the names by which Kamadhenu is referred as? Surabhi and also Nandini.
370 How did Parvati create Ganesha? Parvati created Ganesha from the saffron paste on her body.
371 Who was the father of Veda Vyasa? Sage Parashara.
372 What was the name of India's son? Jayanta.
373 How was the beginning of any battle signalled in the days of the Mahabharata? By blowing conches.
374 Where was the hermitage of Sage Bharadwaja? At Prayag (modern Allahabad).
375 Why did Sati burn herself? Her husband, Shiva, had been insulted and abused by her father.
376 Why is Arjuna referred to as Kapidhwaja? Because on his flag was the image of Hanuman. Kapidhwaja literally means monkey (kapi) banner (dhwaja).
377 Why did Nanda and the cowherds decide to move away from Gokul and settle down in Vrindavan? The mysterious happenings in Gokul in which Krishna, the beloved son of their leader had been involved, made them shift to a safer place.
378 What was the feat performed by Dronacharya, which impressed the Kuru princes? He took a blade of grass and threw it with force at the Vishti in the well. Then he threw the second blade of grass which got attached to the first one. He kept on doing it till he could reach out to the top one and pulled it out. Vishti-Danda was an ancient form of the game which is called Gilli-Danda.
379 When Duryodhana, Shakuni and Kama wanted to arrest Krishna, what did he do? He showed his Vishwarupa.
380 When Jarasandha heard from his daughters about the killing of Kamsa, what vow did he take? "I will not rest till I wipe out the entire race of the Yadavas."
381 When the Devas, Danavas and Manavas went to Brahma to know the secret of happiness what did he say? "Da": - The suras thought that by "Da" Brahma meant "Damyata" (meaning, exercise self-control), the asuras thought by "Da" Brahma meant "Dayadhwam" (be merciful) and the humans thought by "Da" Brahma meant "Dadhatu" (give).
382 Who was the mother of Veda Vyasa? Satyavati.
383 Kubera the lord of wealth ruled his kingdom from this fabulously wealthy city. What was the name of the city? Alakapuri.
384 When Rama was in exile, Bharata ruled over Ayodhya in his brother's name. Name the village from where he ruled as Rama's deputy. Nandigrama.
385 After abducting Sita, Ravana kept her confined in the Ashoka grove. Among the rakshasis who guarded her, only two were friendly to her. Name them. Sarama and Trijata.
386 Who was the Commander-in-Chief of the Pandavas during the battle of Kurukshetra? Dhrishtadyumna.
387 Who were the stepbrothers of Bhishma? Chitrangada and Vichitravirya.
388 Who was the sage who cursed Vali that his head would blow up if he ever entered Rishyamooka again? Rishi Matanga.
389 What is the origin of the word Varanasi? The name Varanasi originated from two rivers "Varana" and "Asi".
390 Which was the capital of Videha? Mithila. King Janaka ruled over the kingdom of Videha.
391 What was the colour of Indra's elephant, Airavata? White.
392 Who tried to win over Kama to the Pandava's side? Krishna and Kunti.
393 Who was the brother of Maricha who was killed by Rama? Subahu.
394 What was the name of Sage Rishyashringa's wife? Shanta.
395 Who was the twin brother of Lakshmana? Shatrughna.
396 What was the name of the kingdom ruled by Nala? Nishadha.
397 Why did Sage Agastya drink the water of the ocean? Because the evil Kalakeyas had hidden at the bottom of the ocean. Agastya drank the water so that the devas (suras) could destroy them.
398 Why does Sugriva request Rama to pierce any of the Sala trees with his arrow? He wanted to assure himself that Rama was more powerful than Vali.
399 Who killed the demon Kalanemi? Hanuman.
400 When did the Pandavas come to know that Kama was their brother? After the battle of Kurukshetra when obsequies were to be offered to the dead ones, Kunti tells everyone that Kama was her son.
401 Shwetaketu was very proud of his knowledge. What did his father, Uddalaka, do to help his son get rid of the pride? And what was the reply given by Shwetaketu? Uddalaka called his son to his side and asked, "By studying all about the things you can see, hear and understand, you think you are knowledgeable. But have you learnt about that which you cannot see and hear." To this Shwetaketu replied "No, father! I do not know anything about that."
402 To whom did the Pushpaka-vimana originally belong? Kubera.
403 How many tusks did Airavata have? Four.
404 How much land was Duryodhana prepared to give to the Pandavas? Nothing. Not even a needlepoint of land.
405 Why did Ravana ask the rakshasis to escort Sita to the
battlefield? To see the unconscious Rama.
406 Who was the warrior who was said to have been born to kill Drona? Dhristadyumna.
407 What was the name of the tree present in Indraloka that had the power of providing any object asked of it? Kalpavriksha.
408 From where did King Sagara rule? Ayodhya.
409 Who was the mother of the Devas? Aditi.
410 Where did the Pandavas live soon after the completion of their period of staying incognito? At Upaplavya in Virata's kingdom.
411 What were the four boons granted by Yama to Savitri?
a. The sight of her blind father-in-law to be restored,
b. The kingdom of her father-in-law to be restored c. 100 sons to be born to her father so that the family line could be continued
d. 100 sons to be born to her of Satyavan.

412 Who was the chief minister of Ravana who was killed by Vibhishana in the battle against Sri Rama? Prahasta.
413 Who were the two wives of Pandu? Kunti and Madri.
414 How did Krishna get the name Damodara? Dama means rope. Udara means abdomen. When Krishna was yet a child, he was tied to a mortar with a rope. He dragged the mortar and tried to pass through the space between two trees. The mortar got stuck and when Krishna tugged at the rope the trees got uprooted and Krishna became free.
415 On the bank of which river is Panchavati? Godavari.
416 According to the Puranas where is the abode of Shiva? Mount Kailasa.
417 What was Kama's bow called? Vijaya.
418 What was the name of the mountain that was used to churn the Ocean of Milk? Mandara.
419 With what words did Gandhari bless Duryodhana during the battle of Kurukshetra? Victory is where Dharma is. (Yato dharmastato jaya).
420 Where did Duryodhana hide towards the end of the eighteenth day of the battle of Kurukshetra? Inside a lake.
421 Who accompanies the Pandavas and Draupadi on their journey to Swarga? Yama in the guise of a dog.
422 What is the name of Ganesha's brother? Karttikeya.
423 Drona imparted the knowledge of the 'Brahma Shiras' to Arjuna. What was the incident that pleased Drona to such an extent that he did so? Once while bathing in the Ganga, Drona encountered a crocodile that bit into his legs and held on to it. Of all the disciples who were with him only Arjuna moved forward and killed the crocodile. This pleased Drona.
424 What are the four stages of a man's life, according to tradition? Brahmacharya, Grahasthya, Vanaprastha, and Sanyasa.
425 According to the Vana Parva five people could be considered as a person's guru. Who are they? Father, Mother, Agni, Atman and Guru.
426 Who were Indra's parents? Kashyapa and Aditi.
427 Who created the rift between Sunda and Upasunda? Tilottama.
428 Who gave the akshayapatra to Yudhishthira? Surya.
429 Anjalikavedha was an art by which the practitioner could subdue an elephant. Who among the Pandavas had mastered this art? Bhima.
430 After Sri Rama had captured Lanka, who was the Asura who led Sita to him? Avindhya.
431 What is the meaning of Pundarikaksha? Lotus eyed.
432 Ekalavya cut the thumb of his right hand as the guru dakshina for Drona. What did Arjuna, Drona's favourite pupil, offer as a guru dakshina? Arjuna defeated Drupada, the king of Panchala and brought him bound to Drona.
433 Who killed Tataka? Rama.
434 Who killed Akampana in the battle at Lanka? Hanuman.
435 Veda Vyasa wrote the Mahabharata. His son was also erudite and was responsible for spreading the knowledge of the Mahabharata. What was his name? Shuka.
436 What was in the possession of Indravarma, the king of Malava that helped in the slaying of Drona in the battle of Kurukshetra? An elephant named Ashwatthama. Bhima killed this elephant and announced that Ashwatthama was dead. At this Drona lay down his arms and was slayed.
437 Marichi, Angiras, Atri, Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratu and Vasishtha are the sons of Brahma. What are tiiey called collectively? Saptarshis (Seven rishis).
438 What was the name of Sage Atri's wife? Anasuya.
439 What was the vehicle of the Asnwini Kumars? Donkey.
440 In whose ashram did Shakuntala grow up? The ashram of Kanva.
441 King Bali was the grandson of an ardent devotee of Vishnu. Who was his grandfather? Prahlada.
442 Chyavana was an old and blind sage. By whom was his youth and eyesight restored? Ashwini Kumar(s).
443 Parikshit was living in a closely guarded tower. How could a serpent bite him? Takshaka entered a fruit in the shape of a worm and this was taken to the king by a Naga in the guise of a Brahmin.
444 Why did Balarama choose to remain neutral in the battle of Kurukshetra? Though Duryodhana sought Balarama's help he refused to side with the Kauravas saying that he could not forsake Krishna.
445 Who was known for his bad temper among the rishis? Durvasa.
446 After he was crowned king, from whom did Yudhishthira seek instructions in state craft? From Bhishma, who was lying on a bed of arrows.
447 On whose side did Bhagadatta fight in the battle of Kurukshetra? On the side of the Kauravas.
448 During the Pandava's exile why did Bhima go to the Gandhamadana Mountain? To get the Saugandhika flowers for Draupadi.
449 Who was the Nishada King who rowed Rama, Ska and Lakshmana across the river Ganga when they were on their way into the forests? Guha.
450 How did Kama's slaying of Ghatotkacha help the Pandavas? Karna used the Shakti to kill Ghatotkacha. This was the weapon Karna could use only once. Therefore he had reserved it against Arjuna. Since Karna used it against Ghatotkacha, Arjuna was saved.
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Indian Mythology Part 3
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